5600 Repair Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

1) My Lights are tripping the Circuit Breaker.

If your light or lights are tripping the circuit breaker, this is an indication that you have some type of short circuit. You will need to inspect each light on the circuit for a possible leak. If you find one light which has some water in it, this would more than likely be the cause. Electrical issues can be the most difficult to find and fix. Sometimes it is obvious what the problem is, a broken lens, a cut cord etc. But other times it can be extremely difficult. If you have multiple lights on the one circuit, Disconnect all of the lights in the main junction box. Then hook each on up to the power separately and test the circuit. The circuit will trip when you find the offending fixture. Caution: sometimes the lights will not trip the circuit when they are out of the water. So you may need to test them fully submerged. With a lot of patience, you will find and fix the problem.

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2) Does the light have to be underwater.

Yes, the light has to be fully submerged to operate. If the light or lights are operated with the lens exposed out of the water, it will get extremely hot and break the lens. It will possibly burn out the bulb also.

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3) Can I replace the cord.

No: you can not replace the cord. The only part that can be replaced in the potted can assembly is the porcelain bulb socket.

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4) What type of bulb does it take.

The Model 5600 light fixture, required a 300 Watt or 500 Watt 120V PAR56 bulb with side prongs. They are available in NSP (narrow spot) of MFL (medium flood) with NSP being the most popular.

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5) Where can I get replacement parts.

You can order parts online from Chapters 8 and 9 in this eBook

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6) Do I have to replace the gasket.

The lens gaskets seem to last forever, but if it is cut or damaged in any way we would recommend that you replace the gasket.

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