Model 5600 Underwater light
Service and repair Guide
By: Dave Zambenedetti

Rain Jet - OASE Model 5600
underwater fountain light

These lights are widely used in all types of fountain applications. From simple single light units, to fountains with multiple lights and animation. For architectural and floating fountain applications. There is an optional "base and yoke" assembly available for use in stationary or architectural fountains.

Architectural fountains often use multiple underwater lights to achieve their nighttime glory. Three lights per nozzle is not uncommon in a commercial application. But due to the cost of the fixtures, in residential applications you may find only one light per nozzle. If multiple lights are used you can add different colored lenses to achieve spectacular effects.





With the use of the optional "Color Blender" you can have an ever changing nighttime display, as pictured to the right. With multiple colors available, you can mix and match to find that perfect combination.
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