5600 Repair Guide

Chapter 6

Final Assembly

Hold the bottom flange back up to the bottom side of the lip on the potted can. Notice where the mounting holes are in relationship to the cord. It's a good idea to have the mounting holes 90 degrees from the cord assembly, so it doesn't interfere with any mounting hardware.

Place the top flange back onto the light so that the wholes properly align and the mounting points align. Using the two shorter bolts, place one of the bolts in the hole which is 90 degrees from the mounting bolt hole. Just place it in finger tight at this point.

Using the other short bolt place it 180 degrees (or the opposite side) of the previous bolt. Again just finger tight at this point. This will hold the assembly together while you replace the remaining bolts.

Place the rock guard on the light and using the four longer bolts loosely return all four of the into the last four holes. Sometimes the rock guard will put the last bolt into a slight bind which will make it more difficult to turn. You can use your wrench if you need to, but make sure that you do not cross thread the bolt.

It is best to start working opposite sides when tightening the bolts. Tighten the first bolt about half way. Then move to the opposite side and tighten it about half way.
Go completely around the light working opposite sides until all of the bolts are about half tight. Once you get back to the first bolt you started with, go ahead and tighten it all the way.
Continue tightening the bolts until they are all tight. For the most part you can't over tighten the bolts. When you are finished, the metal on the top and bottom flanges should be almost touching. It is OK if the is a slight gap between the top and bottom flange.

Your light is now ready to be put back into service.

CAUTION: ALL ELECTRICAL circuits in a fountain must be protected by a GFCI or have Ground Fault protection. This will turn the power off in the event that you have a short circuit.

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