5600 Repair Guide

Chapter 5

Lens Replacement

Lenses are available in.
Light Red
Dark Red
Dark Green
Dark Blue

Before you re-assembly your light, clean the top surface of the potted can and your silicone gasket. Inspect the gasket for any cut or tears. They are pretty durable, but may need replacing after many years of service.

With the gasket in one hand, place the lens under the lip of the gasket.

Begin to work your lens into the gasket by folding the lip of the gasket up and over the lens

You may have to stretch the last portion of the gasket in order to get it over the final portion of the lens.
When completed, you are ready to put the lens onto the potted can. The lens should sit flush on the lip of the can. You may have to adjust the bulb slightly if the lens and gasket do not want to sit flush on the lip of the can.

If you have power available to your light, it is a good idea to make sure that the bulb is working before closing up the light fixture.

CAUTION: Do Not leave the bulb on for extended periods of time while out of the water.

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