5600 Repair Guide

Chapter 4

Potted Can Assembly


The potted can assembly consists of the power cord, copper can with cord seal, and the porcelain socket. The porcelain socket is the only serviceable item in the potted can assembly.

The power cable which supplies the AC current to the light is not a replaceable item. If the cord or cord seal is bad, you will have to replace the entire potted can.

If any of the wiring inside the potted can is damaged, you should replace the entire potted can assembly. Cased inside the porcelain sealant are the wire connections as well as a thermal overload circuit. This is not a serviceable item.

If the wires in your potted can are in good condition, you can replace the porcelain socket.

In order to replace the socket, cut the wires in your existing potted can close to the socket. DO NOT cut the wires close to the porcelain sealant.

Using wire nuts attach the new porcelain socket to the newly cut and stripped wires in your potted can.

Upon completion of the socket replacement you can re-install the bulb.

See Chapter 3

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