5600 Repair Guide

Chapter 3

Bulb Removal

At this point the bulb should be easily lifted from the potted can. If you can not get a hold on the bulb, just turn the potted can over and the bulb should fall into you hand.
Gently grab the porcelain socket and pull it off of the bulb.

The plug on the bulb is similar to a standard house type of plug.

The bulb is a 300 Watt 120 Volt Par 56. They are available in "Narrow Spot", "Medium Flood" and "Flood". The most popular of the beam angles is the narrow spot.

If you are servicing the potted can or socket, go to Chapter 4, if you are replacing the bulb continue on this page.

Bulb Installation

To install the new bulb, simply hold the new bulb over the potted can assembly

Then re-attach the porcelain socket back onto the side prongs of the bulb.

Set the new bulb back into the potted can so the bulb comes to rest on the slight indentation in the potted can.


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