5600 Repair Guide

Chapter 2

Lens and Gasket Removal

With the top and bottom flange removed the lens and lens gasket will be exposed.

The Silicone gasket will lift off of the ridge of the potted can assembly. Sometimes it will stick to the can and is difficult to break free. Being careful not to damage the gasket, you can use a straight sided screwdriver between the lens gasket and the ridge of the potted can. Sometimes the bulb will also be stuck to the lens gasket.

If you are only changing the bulb go to "Chapter 3" if you are changing the lens continue on this page.

To remove the lens from the lens gasket, begin at one edge and slowly pry the gasket from the lens. Work your way around the outer circumference of the lens.

While working around the lens begin to place the gasket behind the lens until the lens is completely free from the gasket.

The lens is constructed out of glass and are fragile. They are available in a variety of colors.

Light Red
Dark Red
Dark Green
Dark Blue and

The red silicone gasket houses the lens. It is compressed between the top flange, potted can, and the bottom flange to make a water tight seal.

Now that the lens and gasket are removed, the bulb is exposed and ready for removal.

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