5600 Repair Guide

Chapter 1

Tools Required

To change a lens, lens gasket, or bulb, the only tool you will need is some type of 7/16" socket or wrench. If you are changing a socket, you will need some wire cutters, wire strippers and some wire nuts.

Place the 7/16" socket or wrench onto the head of the bolt. Turn the bolt "counterclockwise" until the bolt is completely removed from the flange.

Continue removing all of the bolts (six total) all the way around the the light. When removing the last bolt you may find it necessary to hold up on the opposing side of the flange so the bolt does not bind up.

With all of the bolts removed, the bottom flange will separate from the top flange. You will notice that four of the bolts are slightly longer than the other two. The longer bolts are for use with the stainless steel rock guard.

Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the top flange does not have any threads for the bolts. The bolt holes allow the bolts to slide freely through the holes.
In the bottom flange you will notice that all of the holes are threaded in order to receive the bolts. The two small tabs on the bottom flange are used to attach the light to the base and yoke assembly or other type of mounting hardware.
With all of the bolts removed, you can lift the top flange off of the fountain light. This will expose the "Red Silicone Lens Gasket" which surrounds the lens.

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